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Welcome to the Fall issue of The D Profile, the first issue to reflect the fusion of Downriver history and Detroit renovation. The worlds are not so different as you might expect, and with the launching of our satellite office downtown, we’re thrilled to bring our readers the best of both.

The primary mission of The D Profile is to present the positive aspects of life and business in Detroit. We present stories that will both interest and educate readers with the stature of our city, including its neighborhoods, businesses, governmental leaders, arts organizations and recreational opportunities.

p-d-labrosse-x-0809_FFS3127From across the Downriver region, we highlight the women that have shaped the personal and professional facets of our community. We bring you end-of-season lawn care tips to prepare for an impending Michigan winter. We reveal a Grosse Ile inventor’s lasting impact on the boating industry. We celebrate significant anniversaries for Downriver businesses still committed to their neighborhood.

And yet both communities showcase the avenues of private education, from Grosse Ile and Allen Park to Southwest Detroit. They highlight the personal narratives that have brought business founders their fame, from professional services south of Detroit to arguably the best barbecue in the area, nestled in the heart of Corktown. They show the interchange of ideas and money and relationships across I-94 and up and down I-75. They excite us with the possibilities of further collaboration in the years to come.

Photography by Anthony Barchock

So take some time to absorb what some of Wayne County’s finest communities can offer its residents. If your journey is anything like ours, the extent might surprise you.

Join us on August 14th for fabulous wine, unique fare, and, of course, memories with friends, old and new. They are, as Moore so poignantly pens, the richest part of the season ahead.

* Bozzo's Limo Service to/from Detroit
* Central Kitchen + Bar
* Downtown Louie's Lounge
* Vertical Detroit
* House of Pure Vin Wine Shop

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D Vine Tour - Detroit
Wine tour in downtown Detroit - includes Downriver to Detroit limo bus - Aug 14, 2016